Roadtrip Finisher – Utah

Day 18 Bunker Creek. Coming off of Brianhead Peak this was a doozie. Starting just at 11,000 feet, you had long views, Alpine meadows, Aspens, Pines. Much of this area burned in 2017 and the trails have been rebuilt, improved and extended. Day 19 VRRT – Navajo Peak. I started out with plans to do … Continue reading “Roadtrip Finisher – Utah”

Cuyamaca – ABDSP

It was time for a dawn patrol ride in the Cuyamaca Mountains and Anza Borego Desert State Park.   I was at the trailhead bright and early.    Too early was my first thought as it was quite brisk (mid-50’s) and I was dressed for the heat to come. I started out at the San Diego River … Continue reading “Cuyamaca – ABDSP”

Back in Japan – Yoko Dirt Time

Due to my last work project running long in Sasebo, my time back at home was just a week long before I headed back to Japan for some work in Yokosuka.   I flew back into Japan on a Saturday evening and decided to try and shake off some jet lag with ride on Sunday. After … Continue reading “Back in Japan – Yoko Dirt Time”

Guajome Park

So off and on I get asked where are good places to take kids riding.  On my website to-do list for quite sometime has been to create a where to take a kid guide.   Lake Hodges, Big Laguna Trails, Penaqsuitos Canyon are places on the list but I had been thinking about some of the smaller places … Continue reading “Guajome Park”

Good Question – My Travel Case

So I got a question in the email yesterday that I thought the answer would be worth sharing. Don Maneth wrote: “…I know you travel with your bike a ton. Which travel case do you use?  Do the airlines accept it as recreational equipment for an additional charge?  Typical fee?” Well Don,   I have traveled … Continue reading “Good Question – My Travel Case”

Playing on the San Juan Trail

Sunday was a return to the San Juan Trail at the southern end of the Santa Ana Mountains.  The weather was in the typical range of So-Cal Awesomeness.  The climb up from the bottom went well.  There was a really stiff wind that sometime gusted to what I would guess would be 25-30 mph.  On several occasions I … Continue reading “Playing on the San Juan Trail”

In the Land of the Rising Sun

This week started off with a flight from Seattle to Tokyo.  I spent the week here in Japan meeting with clients (so to say) and scoping out some projects coming up in the summer of next year.    I spent the better part of 2004 working and riding in the area so I was looking forward to reconnecting … Continue reading “In the Land of the Rising Sun”

Being Sick Sucks!

Being Sick Sucks.   At little over a week ago I started fighting off a cold/crud and well I lost the fight.  By Tuesday I was good and jacked up with a cold/flu.   This is such an awesome time of year to being ridng and being sidelined just sucks.   I missed out on a really cool sounding 50+ … Continue reading “Being Sick Sucks!”