The Killing of Iron Mountain

Here is a special contribution from a long time riding friend of my mine.   Iron Mountain is (rapidly heading towards the “was”) a classicly technically challenging hike/ride in San Diego County).   People enjoyed this trail because it was hard.    Once again we have well intended but misguided people in charge listening to the vocal minority of … Continue reading “The Killing of Iron Mountain”

Playing At Iron Mountain

Friday I met Brian and Steve from some TGIF chunkage out at Iron Mountain. After spending the last month riding (between work stuff) in Washington state it was nice to get back onto some turf/chunk.   Of course it is always good to catch up with friends.  The light was good and the temperatures were great … Continue reading “Playing At Iron Mountain”

Iron Mountain and Ellie Lane

I had been needing a  little Iron in my diet so a ride out at Iron Mountain near Poway was in order.    This place is pretty popular with the hikers so if you are going to ride out here you need to plan to be real patient and mind your trail etiquite  as you will certainly have plenty of … Continue reading “Iron Mountain and Ellie Lane”

Laguna Mountains Trailfest

I had a really nice time up in the Laguna Mountains this past weekend.    The San Diego Mountain Biking Association was putting on the 2nd Annual Laguana Trailfest.    It was a Friday-Sunday event that included lots of organized rides, demo, food, music clinics and much more.   You know, A Festival!   The event was being held … Continue reading “Laguna Mountains Trailfest”

Getting some Iron in the Diet

I needed to get some iron in my diet so the Saturday morning ride was Iron Mountain and Ellie Lane.  This place is well known as a serious chunkfest and I was looking forward to seeing how the UZZI would feel in this stuff.  Steve was the usual suspect today out playing on the clown … Continue reading “Getting some Iron in the Diet”

Getting a little Iron in my diet.

Yesterday,  Steve (Aquaholic), Mark (HecklerMark) and I decided to get our chunk on at Iron Mountain located between Poway and Ramona.  The weather was a bit brisk and the threat of getting a little wet was moderate.  All of the other times I have done Iron Mountain I have been solo and the temps were high.  … Continue reading “Getting a little Iron in my diet.”

Rocky Start to the New Year

Steve, Mark and I decided had a rocky start to the New Year.   Mighty rocky! Iron Mountain has some really technical bits on it and it has been some time since I have been riding on that kinda stuff so it took a little bit to my rock monkey motion dialed back in. Iron Mountain … Continue reading “Rocky Start to the New Year”

Shaking down the UZZI

So I got my brand spanking new UZZI out for a shakedown ride recently.   The orginal plan was hit up Iron Mountain and Ellie Lane but with early moring rain, the plan shifted to Anderson Truck Trail in Alpine.  The boys at BikeBling did a mighty fine job with the mechanicals as it was shifting flawless … Continue reading “Shaking down the UZZI”