Sycamore Canyon Southern Access

This will not surprise those of you who have been following the ongoing access issue to Sycamore Canyon in the San Diego Area. Access to the Sycamore from the south continues to be problematic Part of the long standing trail network linking the Mast/Media area of the Santee Lakes to the southern entrance of Sycamore Canyon crosses … Continue reading “Sycamore Canyon Southern Access”

Hodges, Black Mountain Sycamore

I have hit up several different places over the last week. I started the week off with meeting some new and old friends for a spin through Sycamore Canyon and then some.  There will be some updates on my site in the coming weeks for this area.  Biggest takeaway for now is to stay east of … Continue reading “Hodges, Black Mountain Sycamore”

Sycamore and Santee playtime or “Plague-aholic” rides again

Wednesday afternoon I got out for a ride out at Sycamore Canyon and the Santee area in general.  Steve had been off the bike for over two weeks with what he described as “The Plague”.   Last week  the germal infestion caused an aborted attempt for a ride with Steve, but this week “Plague-aholic” made the show.  Not wanting to push his recovery luck we … Continue reading “Sycamore and Santee playtime or “Plague-aholic” rides again”

Sycamore Canyon

Last Sunday I got in a ride out at Sycamore Canyon out in Santee.   The IMBA Trail Care Crewwas out in San Diego the week leading up to Sunday doing good stuff.   Steve and Morgan are one of two teams of trail experts that travel year-round throughout NorthAmerica and beyond, leading trail work sessions, meeting with … Continue reading “Sycamore Canyon”

Comfort Dirt at Sycamore Canyon

It was way too freaking early for a Sunday morning when I got up to meet Chip and friends down in Santee for a 7AM ride through Sycamore Canyon.     I had not seen Chip in a handful of moons and I had stuff to do in the afternoon so it worked out well.   I had also not … Continue reading “Comfort Dirt at Sycamore Canyon”

Summer is Here – Midweek Stoke

So I started the mid-week stoke out on Tuesdays with a ride out at Sycamore Canyon and boy was it hot.   The heat has always been my nemesis and it takes me what seems like the better part of summer to acclimate to it.  I took the UZZI out here mainly because that was what ended … Continue reading “Summer is Here – Midweek Stoke”

The Local Stuff — Week in Review

This past week was such that I could get out a little more often but for not as long.  They were the kind of windows that you don’t want to burn up too much of your time driving far to get to, you know, maximize your time on the trail and minimize your time on … Continue reading “The Local Stuff — Week in Review”

A quick spin at Spring Canyon

Yesterday, I decided to hit up the SDMBA advocacy meeting.  The meeting did not start until 7pm and since I work in San Diego and live in North County what to with all that time between work and the meeting.  Ah yes, the ole standby….go for a ride.   The destination was Spring Canyon just north … Continue reading “A quick spin at Spring Canyon”