Mountain Bike Bill, The Dirt on the Dirt

A quick spin at Spring Canyon

Yesterday, I decided to hit up the SDMBA advocacy meeting.  The meeting did not start until 7pm and since I work in San Diego and live in North County what to with all that time between work and the meeting.  Ah yes, the ole standby….go for a ride.   The destination was Spring Canyon just north of the 52.    This canyon is eventually going to be annexed into Mission Trails and link Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch to Mission Trails but right now it is well “social” in nature.  These trails have been for decades and it is such a poorly guarded secret that most of the public has no idea it is not a fully endorsed trail system.   More often than not people assume it is part of Mission Trails Regional Park.  The same folks also think these are by far the best trails “in” Mission Trails.

Okay enough with the history and issues, this is nice place to ride on real “Preserve Quality” trails, aka singletrack. 

The weather was pretty darn great and the greenery and the flowers blooming was just awesome.

I decided to take the single speed out today, and while it is generally a good choice for out here, there was one hill that put a beat down on me for a bit.  It is all good, as I need the beat down.

The return trip back to the trailhead was an all gradually downhill affair that was a bunch of swooping fun.  There was enough turns that I only spun out on the singlespeed in a few sections.  I’m no racer so it was just set back and enjoy the cruise through those sections.  Good stuff. 

While I could not stay for the entire SDMBA meeting (Had to pick Will up from Hockey practice) it was a good meeting with lots of exciting things brewing in SD County.  We have multiple cities interesting in MTB Skills Progression Parks, corporate sponsors getting more involved, and the IMBA trail crew coming out this coming weekend.  Lots more stuff as well so stay tuned to tby signing up for the thier free Trailnews letter.

On a more painful sidenote, after the meeting, I became aware that I have gotten into some Poison Oak on a “scouting expedition” the day before.   Yeah!!  At the time of this typing, I’ve got the stuff in a bad way and I’m down with the full regime of Zenfel and the various other products for dealing with the stuff.   Not so good times, but hey it sometimes is the price you pay when looking for hidden trail gems.

Oh…Almost forgot, I saw two rattlesnakes on this ride and managed to get an picture of one of them.  It is only March and I have already seen more snakes that I have in an entire year before.   

PSA – Poison Oak

Last week I was on scouting trip checking out a way old trail that could possibly be reclaimed for mountain biking.   Don’t ask, it is currently on the Double Top Secret – Specialized Compartmentalized Information List.  There are Navy Seals posted on the roof of the building across the street right now with laser-pointer sights shining through the windows as I type.   Somewhere along the hike I came in contact with the evil leaf and now I am all jacked up with the stuff. I used to stroll the stuff as a kid, but over the last five years I have progressively gotten more sensitive to the stuff.   While I have a full complement of goodies to try and keep the stuff off of me and scrub the stuff off afterwards.  Ever year I seem to get a patch of the stuff.   This time is especially a bummer due to some of the locations.  Lets just say I taint interested in getting my saddle time right now.

Anyway, thought I share some of the pages I have browsed off and on on the subject.

Poison Oak FAQ

Here is stuff on natural remedies

This is a good site will lots of info was well as a review of specific products.

Sorry no ooze shots here 🙂