Back in Japan – Yoko Dirt Time

Due to my last work project running long in Sasebo, my time back at home was just a week long before I headed back to Japan for some work in Yokosuka.   I flew back into Japan on a Saturday evening and decided to try and shake off some jet lag with ride on Sunday. After … Continue reading “Back in Japan – Yoko Dirt Time”

Playtime on Mount Eboshi, Japan

Last weekend I was able to squeeze some time off from my work here in Japan to get in some mountain biking on Mount Eboshi near the city of Sasebo in the southern part of Japan.   The weather was pretty freaking awesome. Nearly all of the climb was done on narrow mountain pavement roads which … Continue reading “Playtime on Mount Eboshi, Japan”

Japanese Gulch – Washington State

I’m catching up on some of pictures and such from my recent Washington trip.   One of the places I could hit up right easy from work was Japanese Gultch located in Mukilteo. Plenty of singletrack right in town and a good way to burn off the workday stress. One of the things I like about … Continue reading “Japanese Gulch – Washington State”

Snooping around Sasebo, Japan

So work has taken me back across the International Date Line for some more adventures in Japan.  This time I am in the south of Japan in the city of Sasebo.     The work is interesting with some new challenges to keep me on my toes.  I even have run into some old freinds from San Deigo who … Continue reading “Snooping around Sasebo, Japan”

Updated Fugato-yama Japan Page

I have finally got my first of what I hope to be half a dozen a or so updated and new Japan trail pages up.  The Fugato-yama (aka Ghosttown” area is a really cool trail system that I have yet to fully get into each corner of yet.   The updated page reflects a bit of … Continue reading “Updated Fugato-yama Japan Page”

Fujimi Panorama MTB Park, Japan

This past weekend I spent a day at the Fujimi Panorama Resort near Nagano get some downhill action on.   In 2004 I rode here twice with my XC bike (Intense Spider) and it was a freaking blast.  I was super excited for the return trip here as I now own a better suited bike (Intense … Continue reading “Fujimi Panorama MTB Park, Japan”

Single Tracking in Zushi, Japan

I arrived in Japan last Saturday for a handfull of weeks worth of work in Yokosuka.   The travel schedule to get here is a tough one as your internal clock is totally thrown out of wack.   I spent most of the week just stuggling through the day and having a tough time sleeping at night.   It took until … Continue reading “Single Tracking in Zushi, Japan”

Peacock Flats Loop + Video

Boy have I had a great week of getting out on the trails here on Oahu. I have a pile of pictures and footage to sort through already as well as great stories to share. Last week I did the Peacock Loop. Sometimes just referred to as Peacock Flats. It is a big ride with … Continue reading “Peacock Flats Loop + Video”