Wet Trails Rating

During the winter months, aka our rain season, there is usually a few questions about which trails can ridden after a sizable series of rain.    Please keep in mind our typical soils are not the type that handle sizable rains well.   So unlike the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast, the trails need time … Continue reading “Wet Trails Rating”

Herkey Creek and May Valley

Springtime riding around Idyllwild is some of my favorite stuff around SoCal.  Unfortunately due to some ill-timed (like there is ever good-timed) injuries and a horrible bout of poison oak,  I missed the spring riding in the area.  Even though I knew it was going to be hot I met one of my regular riding buds … Continue reading “Herkey Creek and May Valley”

Tis the Season for Rain

Okay I’m getting a bit stir crazy with having to take some time off the bike as well as all the rain.   Folks please give our wet trails some recovery time after these rains.    Here are excerpts from a couple years of this topic being float around on some the various forums sites.    Most folks … Continue reading “Tis the Season for Rain”