BLT, Redtail Roost and Noble Canyon

Saturday Nichol and I went up to Big Laguna Meadow to get in some biking and a night of camping. It was quite a pretty day with some fall colors up in the trees and exceptionally nice temps. After setting up camp we did a cruise around meadow. We were up bright and early the next morning … Continue reading “BLT, Redtail Roost and Noble Canyon”

Some Noble Canyon and BLT Play Time

Time to catch up on some photos that have tried to get lost over the last few weeks in a smorgasbord of work, holiday parties,  family visits and a cross country road trip (non-biking..but some intel was gathered).   A few days before I headed out to the east coast to start all of the festivities, I meet up with some … Continue reading “Some Noble Canyon and BLT Play Time”

Noble Canyon and the BLT

What an awesome weekend I had.   Jeff Sherman was down for the weekend from Kernville for the weekend and Bill O’neil came down from West LA as well.   Friday was yummy grub and tasty beverages at Stone Brewing Company.   Saturday was Big Laguna – Noble Canyon ride.   We had a sizable group of 11 and did it in semi-slacker fashion by cutting out the Pine … Continue reading “Noble Canyon and the BLT”

Beautiful Scenery at Laguna Meadow

This past weekend Nichol and I did some camping up a Big Laguna Meadow for a couple of days of enjoying the trails in the area. The last bit of rain we had did the flora some good and it look downright like spring up here. There was plenty of color both out on the meadow and in the … Continue reading “Beautiful Scenery at Laguna Meadow”

Bikepacking shakedown in the Lagunas

So I have been gathering up the gear needed to do some bikepacking later on this year.   I just recently got all of the “stuff” together and wanted to take it out for a ride before committing to an overnight trip.   This was mainly gear around making sure everything was strapped in the right way … Continue reading “Bikepacking shakedown in the Lagunas”

Laguna Mountains Camping

Last Sunday through Wednesday  my youngest son, Jake, and I did a three-night camping trip up in the Laguna Mountains east of San Diego. We got in some mountain biking, hiking and some good just kicking back time. Nichol joined us on the first day for a bike ride around the meadow, dinner and some marshmallow destruction … Continue reading “Laguna Mountains Camping”

Soul Ride in the Laguna Mountains

Wednesday was pretty freaking hot (by San Diego Weather Weenie standards) with a bit of mugginess thrown in due to a bit of weather on the way in.      Steve and I decided to pass up triple digit sufferage in the usual Alpine spot and head up into the Laguna Mountains for what we consider the “Soul … Continue reading “Soul Ride in the Laguna Mountains”

Kachess Ridge, WA

This past weekend, I headed out over the Snoqualmie Pass area about 70 miles east of Seattle to check out the Kachess Ridge trail.  I have passed through this area a handful of times over the years between MTB and flyfishing trips and I had eye-balled the mountains through here on every occasion.  The ride is billed as … Continue reading “Kachess Ridge, WA”

Wet Trails Rating

During the winter months, aka our rain season, there is usually a few questions about which trails can ridden after a sizable rain.     Please keep in mind our soils are setup to handle sizable rains well so unlike the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast, the trails need time to dry out before we ride … Continue reading “Wet Trails Rating”