Sycamore Canyon

Last Sunday I got in a ride out at Sycamore Canyon out in Santee.   The IMBA Trail Care Crewwas out in San Diego the week leading up to Sunday doing good stuff.   Steve and Morgan are one of two teams of trail experts that travel year-round throughout NorthAmerica and beyond, leading trail work sessions, meeting with … Continue reading “Sycamore Canyon”

Sedona Weekend – Day 1

O-DAMN Early came at O-DARK:30 this morning.    Things seem to come together fairly quickly for this weekend getaway.   It was not until earlier in the week did was I able to give the green light to meet some friends from Arizona, Utah, and Colorado in Sedona for some dirt time. Today’s rides was just going to … Continue reading “Sedona Weekend – Day 1”

Long Overdue Fisher Mesa Video

Okay so this video took just a wee bit longer to get out that I expected.   Truth is I got a little burnt out on editing video so I just set the footage aside.    I rode Fisher Mesa in May on Day 5 of my Utah Colorado 08 Road trip.  Fisher Mesa is a really cool … Continue reading “Long Overdue Fisher Mesa Video”

The bike is back in the home rack.

Well I’m back from wandering through Utah and Colorado.  What an incredible trip.  We rode each day of the trip including our travel days.   Shoot, we rode twice a couple of days for a total of 10 rides in 8 days.   I met some cool people, touched bases with old friends, rode great trails and managed … Continue reading “The bike is back in the home rack.”

Wandering through Utah

Life is good!   My buddy Bill and I have been running amuck through Utah.  Yesterday we finished up our sixth ride in five days.   We spent a day near St. George doing some mesa riding before heading over to Moab.   We hit up a few of the marquee trails as well as some of the … Continue reading “Wandering through Utah”

Busy Week and New Beginnings

  After 22 years of active duty in the US Navy, I retired this past Friday.   Actually, I’m not officially off the books until the end of July but I have stacked up enough vacation days over the years to take a few months off.   I had a really great career as an electronics/computer geek … Continue reading “Busy Week and New Beginnings”

Walking Wounded

So I am on the walking wounded list, but not from mountain biking.   For those who have been following the blog you will remember I took a good thump while getting some flight lessons near Alpine about a month ago.  Part of the thump was on my right hip that resulted in a huge technicolor bruise on my right leg and … Continue reading “Walking Wounded”