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GoPro HD3 Shakedown Ride

Early this week I got out for a lunch time ride out at La Costa.  The weather was nice and you good see Catalina and San Clemente Islands out on the horizon.   IMAG0442

I got a GoPro Hero3 HD Black Edition for Christmas and it was high time that I tested it out.   Other than some futzing with it on the couch this was my first time rolling with camera.   I decided to go for a side mount on the helmet for this test.  I slapped the curved sticky mount on about the right looking spot and stuck it on.   I was also using the double hinged adapter that came with the kit.  The kit also came with a WiFi remote but I did not even break that out on this test.  Instead I used the GoPro app on that I installed on my Android phone to control the camera.  The cool thing I like about the app is that it allows you to preview the angle you have setup instead of guessing or having to buy LCD accessory for the GoPro.    Right off the bat I’m rather impressed with the video quality and I’m sure it could be made a bit better some some of the advanced settings I have not tinkered with yet.   Of course there is no way to get image stablization with this setup but overall this thing is nice enough that and maybe another one are going to make it into the video equipment stable.     Oh yeah…tighening down those little adjustment knobs is highly recommended.   Here is a short completely non-fancy clip.

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