Basecamp Puget Sound, Washington

I started this week with a shift of basecamp up up to the Pacific Northwest on the east side of Puget Sound for a work project for the next five weeks.

This is certainly not the most optimal time of year for riding in the Seattle area and the descent down into area look like I expected to.

Luckily all the luggage made it (not always the case).

With the slow economy and the it being the off-season coupled with the length of my stay and some crafty negoitating skills I was able to score a sweet beachfront rental.

Bald eagles are frequently see from the dinner table and it pretty easy just set back and watch the sound.   During this few days I have seen Bald Eagles, Otters, and Whales.

Good stuff to see from the deck.

The view from Day Two.  I should be able to work under these conditions 🙂  This was the last sunny, dry and generally non-icky day of the trip so far.

The steed is ready to go and there is some ridinging my future.   Either the weather will get better or I am going to start sacking up and deal with the ick.   

More to follow……

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