The bike is back in the home rack.

Well I’m back from wandering through Utah and Colorado.  What an incredible trip.  We rode each day of the trip including our travel days.   Shoot, we rode twice a couple of days for a total of 10 rides in 8 days.   I met some cool people, touched bases with old friends, rode great trails and managed to get that monkey off my back the Goat Camp Crash.  It was truly the kind of stuff that you remember for the rest of your life.   I’m swamped with pictures and random streams on thought that will take some time to get all together.  

 Here a few more teaser pictures for now:

Kevin on Gunny Loop
Kevin on the Gunny Loop in Grand Junction (Rode from his front door) 

Zion Curtain
Cruising on the Zion Curtain

Moore Fun
Someplaces are really “Moore Fun” 

Church Rocks
Church Rocks 

Brew Time
World Class trails with World Class Brews!

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2 thoughts on “The bike is back in the home rack.”

  1. so now you have been riding that intense for a while, care to talk about it a little bit?

  2. Sure thing. I’m going to do up a whole blog post or page dedicated to it but here is a the quick snapshot of it. When I went to Arizona, it was setup as a light weight rig. About 28 pounds, which is mighty light for a 6″ rig. Light Nixon fork (145mm), XTR all around with a triple chainring, carbon post and seat, and a lightweight set of Crossmax wheels. The wheels and fork flexed around and bit more than I care for with my style of riding. The big ring was getting beatup on the drops on South Mountain and I did not scratching up a carbon post by raising it and lowering it all the time. At 5’11.5, I’m the classsic in between sizes guy and it seems to be a preference thing as to wither to go with a large or medium frame. I’m getting a large built up as I want a little more cockpit room and the longer wheelbase, but it is not ready yet, so for this trip I put on some burlier components that are better suited for my riding. Fox 36RC2 fork, XT crankset with a bashguard vice big ring and a set of the Spingery Enduro Wheels. The bike is probably around 32 pounds and it worked freaking great on the trip. I’m looking forward to the large so I will not have to use a layback post and longer stem. To sum it up a — A Great Freaking Bike

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