Comments still a problem

I am once again having problems with users registering to leave comments on the blog.  I had it fixed for a while, but issues have arised again with my ISP and blocking emails.   Hopefully I have it fixed soon.   In the interim, you can email or PM me on the various forum siteswith the username you requested and your desired password and I can set it up.

UPDATE Monday Jan 26th, 8PM:  Okay it looks like it is working again.  My ISP explained that over the last several monthse they have been doing a bunch of ANTI-SPAM stuff measures that caused some conflict with my “non-standard” setup.  Thier current configuration is working and the tech support guys tell me I should not have to change my setup anytime soon.   I have my fingers crossed.

For those of you who have attempted to register in the past and never got an email with an activiation link, you can go onto the blog and when you go to log in, select the “I forgot my password” option and you will be given directions on how get it resent to you using username you orginally tried with.  For new users all should work fine.

Good Luck 🙂


Fixed User Registration Bug

It has been raining here in normally Sunny San Diego for a few days so now is good time to take care of some indoor issues I have been dragging my feet on.

Some of you may have noticed that when you tried to register a user account on this blog to leave a comment that you never got your password sent to you.    After much delay on my part, I finally chased down the issue to a configuration change with my Internet Service Provider.  I have fixed/configured around the problem now so for those that choose to, you may now register and leave comments.

For those of you who have attempted to register in the past you will need to use the “Lost my Password” option from the login screen to have it resent to you.

Completely new users should work properly.  

The email comes from so make sure your spam filters don’t snag it.

EDIT:  This post looked very geeky and in need of some MTB Content.  Here is a ride shot from sunnier times. (White Tanks)