Black Mountain and Lusardi

I am doing the Archipelago Ride in a few weeks and I need to continue toughening up the “leather” in strategic locations. I did a Black Mountain loop that I do on a regular basic and then added on the Santa Luz/Lusardi Loop. For my Black Mountain Loop I started from Black Mountain Park and … Continue reading “Black Mountain and Lusardi”

Black Mountain (Ramona)

Since recovering from a heart valve replacement last year I have been noticing that the heat does not crush me like it used to do.   To test this theory, I decided to ride the Upper San Ysabel Truck Trail and ascend Black Mountain in Pamo Valley. I purposely started a little later in the morning … Continue reading “Black Mountain (Ramona)”

More Black Mountain

Time to get in some more Black Mountain.   I continue to be impressed with the improvements that been made and the progress on the trails out here. The Black Widow trail going down the west slope of the mountain continues to see love from the trail crews. Word is there are future plans for access … Continue reading “More Black Mountain”

Return to Black Mountain (RB)

It has been quiet some time since I have been over to the east side of Black Mountain in Rancho Bernardo.    Man I have been missing out.    There has been some really good contouring single tracks built on “Little Black Mountain” that are replacing the stupidly steep old jeep routes that were previously … Continue reading “Return to Black Mountain (RB)”

Black Mountain – RB

My day job was been rather pesky by infringing on my Saturday so I only had to time to squeak in a short ride.   I had not been out to Black Mountain in Rancho Bernardino.    In had been at three years and change since I last rode here. I knew some development was in … Continue reading “Black Mountain – RB”

Black Mountain – Coast to Crest

Fresh back from working in the Puget Sound area it was time to hit up some of the local stuff.  I got up at O-Damn Early to hit up a new bit of trail and the Black Mountain Truck Trail near Ramona. Ramona this time of year can get really toasty and Pamo Valley can really … Continue reading “Black Mountain – Coast to Crest”

Black Mountain & SYTT

Last weekend I managed to get back out to the Santa Ysabel Truck and the Black Mountain near Ramona. (Along the Santa Ysabel Truck Trail) The weather guessers were call in for a storm to hit the area in the afternoon, so I packed up the rain gear before heading out.   Typically I do about … Continue reading “Black Mountain & SYTT”

Hodges, Black Mountain Sycamore

I have hit up several different places over the last week. I started the week off with meeting some new and old friends for a spin through Sycamore Canyon and then some.  There will be some updates on my site in the coming weeks for this area.  Biggest takeaway for now is to stay east of … Continue reading “Hodges, Black Mountain Sycamore”