Daley Ranch Hack-O-Rama Ride

Being sick sucks!    I have had a lingering cough/congestion for going on two weeks now they is really getting annoying.   My get well plan is based on schedule of copious amounts of NyQuil, Vitamin C, Cascadian Hops and English Two-Row Barley.     I have found it works quite well for either improving ones symptoms or reducing ones attention to the symptoms. 

I have been getting in some rides but not to either the length or intensity that I would care to do.  I have been feeling better for the last few days so I decided to do a larger loop out at Daley Ranch today.   There is plenty of climbing to do out in this area so there would a good bit of effort-per-mile here.

It was a great day to be out and about and I was not the only one with the idea.   The parking lot was packed and there looked to be lots of folks out who were obvisously trying to keep to thier New Year’s resolutions.     That is all great for people wishing to improve themselves but I think there should be a federal regulation banning the manufacture of Spandex apparel in sizes greater than 18.   Ladies, if  your waist/arse is measured at 325/85R17 or greater then maybe a nice cottton baggie short and fluffy blouse would be a good starting point.    It is like dudes in Speedos (in the US) if you ain’t sporting six-pack abs and could make a living in the adult film industry stick to board shorts cause nobody want to see that kinda stuff!

Post tramatic apparel viewing stress aside I had an alright ride despite not being 100%.  I had plans for doing a 23 mile ride out here, but the hack-o-rama was taking it toll and I snipped off the last segment to make it an 18 miler.   It was still a good day to be on a bike.

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