La Costa Stroll

Rancho La Costa Preserve is really close to Casa Del Bill so it is often on the menu you when I only have time for a quick fix of dirt.    Despite its close proximity it had been sometime since I last rode out here.  It seems like Elfin Forest, Lake Calvera or Daley Ranch had been getting more play as of late.

Some nice new trail markers can be found throughout the trail system.

Strolling up the switchbacks trail

Flag at the top.    There was some drama a couple months ago as the flag up here (which was put up with permission of the land manger) kept getting stolen by some unpatriotic Jack Ass.  It is awesome that we live in a country where even the idiots are free to express thier views in any manner they are willing to accept the consequences for.    Too bad the Jack Ass was also a monumental coward as I’m quite certain the general public would have expressed themselves in a manner that he would not enjoyed.  I’m thinking getting your ass whooped with a flag pole is adequeate consequence.   

Dumbassness aside the trails were in fairly good shape and fun as always.    Vista Del Mar Trail goodness above.

Daley Ranch Gruntage

Life has me way behind on all sorts of things these days and the blog has been taking a hit on the priority list as of late.  I have been getting in some rides but at the end of the day the pictures have been having a tough time finding thier way off of the memory card.    Here are a few pics from an outing out at Daley Ranch in Escondido.   

Stanley Peak.   There is quite a bit of grunt work required to get up here but the views are nice from the top.

The old water tower as seen from the fire road that takes up to Stanley Peak.

The Old Water Tank trail that connects the fire road up to Stanley Peak to the water tank.  This trail has erroded nicely into a fun little snippet of a trail.

These pictures were taken fairly early in the ride and before I knew it I was chasing daylight.  I’m no fan of the short days of this time of the year but something about being mindful of the remains of the days to push your pace of a ride.