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Southern California Wildfires

Wildfires from Space

Wildfires are a part of life here in Southern California. When they do occur and affect our trails this is where I try to gather of information about the impacts and closures. 2003 and 2007 were our most recent years of large impacting wildfires.

October of 2007 was a bad month for Southern California as wildfires destroyed more than 1,500 homes.  A lot of our trails burned as well.  Here is I have gathered so far regarding our trails.
The orginal list included trails where the status was unknown. All of the trails listed here were confirmed to have burned. They are all recovering well and information on wither they have reopened is listed as well.

cameraThis indicates there are pictures available.  Instead of simply linking to pictures, when there was a forum discussion about the trail, I linked to the discussion so you could read stories and first hand accounts of the damage.


At this point the list is surely not all inclusive, help get it accurate.  If you have information on any trail that was near the burn areas or wish to confirm a trail is okay, please email me with the information or links.

NOTE: The Los Padres, Angeles, Cleveland and San Bernardino National Forests reopened in early November 2007.  Most of the Santa Ana Mountains reopened in November 2008.


San Diego County - 2007

Pics Available
Sweetwater - OPEN Pics Available
Pics Available
Lake Hodges - North - OPEN Pics AvailablePics Available
Lake Hodges - South - OPEN Pics Available
San Pasquel - Mule Hill - OPEN  
Hollenbeck Canyon - OPEN  
Nate Harrison Grade Road - OPEN Pics Available
Gomez Trail - Palomar Divide - OPEN Pics Available
Santa Margarita River - OPEN Pics Available
North and South Clevenger Trail - OPEN  
Black Mountain - (In Ramona)  OPEN  
Lake Poway - OPEN  
Mount Woodson Partial Burned - OPEN Pics Available
Elfin Forest - Only 30 acres, trails east of Escondido Overlook Closed - OPEN  

Orange County - 2007

Silverado (REOPENED 11/10/2008) (Note 1)  
Whiting Ranch - REOPENED JULY 2008 Pics Available
Santiago Truck Trail (Partial) & Luge (All) REOPENED Pics AvailablePics Available
Joplin (REOPENED 11/10/2008)  
Harding Truck Trail (REOPENED)  
Santiago Oaks (Earlier fire 2007)(OPEN)  
Maple Springs (REOPENED 11/10/2008)  

Here are the San Diego area trails that were affected by the 2003 wildfires.  They have all reopened and are generally recovering well.

Anderson Truck Trail

Cuyamaca Grand Loop - All park trails

Daley Ranch

Indian Creek Trail and Pioneer Mail Trail 

Laguna Meadows

Mission Trails

Noble Canyon

Spring/Oak Canyon

Sycamore Canyon - Martha's Grove