Rain Rain Go Away…Or Not

So the weather the past week or so has been conspiring against me.  We made another trip out to Fujimi to get some downhill action in.  Since I had busted up my buddies bike last weekend and my 6.6 has STILL yet to make an appearance in Japan I was planning on renting a full-blown downhill piggy for about $80 for the day.   The rain was just freaking pounding at 5AM in the morning when we set off for Fujimi.  Even though it was only a short ride distance from my apartment to the meeting spot, I was a drowned ratt when I got there.  It is a several hour drive away so we were hoping for better weather over there.

Turned out not to be the case and there were lots of folks at the park thinking about wither to give it a go or not.  A couple of us to decided to wait for some others to get in a run and bring back a condition report.  I rather enjoyed kicking back in the van and shooting the breeze while the others scoped out things.  The group took a very long time to getting back from thier run.   Here is the way things looked.

Some had a little trouble shifting 🙂

Heda reported that while overall the trails were pretty slippery there was good traction in spots, particularly when using your chest.

We debated wither Dan’s riding shorts are 60 or 80 thread count, but we all agreed the inseam-stitching was singlepass.

The consenus was that things were quite slick and while still fun, there was a lot of gingerly riding to be done to get down the mountain.  I was not too interested in dropping $130 total for a rental and lift pass to gingerly go down the mountain so I decided to save my money for another day and chill out at the bottom.  Quite weenie of me I know, but it looks like I’ll be back here before I leave and hopefully when there is some sunshine.

Here are some of the happy but crusty faces from the day.




Before calling it a day, the 4X track had to be given a go.  It was in okay shape but it was wet enough to steal away some speed in the critical spots.    So despite not actually riding it was a fun day and a nice drive through the countryside of Japan.

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