“Rocking In SoCal” Video

Okay I have been letting this footage pile for over a year so it was time to do something with it.  It is a locals rock hangout here in San Diego.   You can call it either the KTS #1  (Kinda Top Secret) Trail or the Ain’t Telling Trail.    It is really not much of a secret at all but I was asked not to drop the name so there you go. 

Right Click to download the 9 minute and 46 second video that will set your hard drive back 139MB.

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2 thoughts on ““Rocking In SoCal” Video”

  1. yeah I guess I’m still not cool enough to have someone tell me where that is. Someday maybe.

  2. I am new to MB and am in the SD area. I am on a quest to find this place. I think I have an idea where it is but have never been there.
    MBBill – great site, keep up the great work.

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