Family Vacation at Mammoth

I took the family up to Mammoth Lakes for the week to get in some vacation time. The plan is to relax, ride some trails, do some fishing and whatever else strikes as interesting.   Yesterday we hit up the mountain for a bit of lift-assisted mountain biking.   It was pretty nice to spend no energy to get up 11,053 feet and then ride trails back down to the condo at 8,200 feet and many miles away.  

Will and Jake clowning in the gondola

The Boys at “Top of Sierra”.  The views from here are pretty freaking impressive.  

We did the Off The Top trail from the peak.  It was pretty interesting riding above the tree line.  Will led out like shot off like a bat out of hell.  I was happy to see that he followed some directions on waiting at every trail intersection.   He actually did better than that.  He would rip for a ways and then wait to see Jake and I to come into view.   Jake was a little intimdated at first with the expansiveness of the mountain side up top but after a couple of switchbacks he got the hang of it as was zipping along quite nicely. 

After “Off The Top” we hooked up with “Beach Cruiser”  that took up back down to the bottom of the gondola we took up.  From there we picked up “Downtown”.   Downtown was a heck of a lot of fun that I’m guessing is around 5 miles or so long.    

Here are the boys taking breather on Downtown.   Yes they are looking at little pooped at this point.   I’m guessing we did about 13.5 miles of trail riding in the morning.   The downtown trail is really fun and it literally comes out of the woods across the street from the condo we are renting.   Over lunch the boys got some energy back.  A few hours later we were all headed back up the mountain for another run down the mountain.  The boys were certainly good and tired after the second run.  We spent the rest of the evening enjoying a hearty meal and relaxing before the boys zonked out.