Bye Bye Westside!

Oh  not forever, just for the week.     After a nice long siesta from work, I’m back to working for “The Man” as a Defense Contractor.   I’m involved with some fancy smancy integrated navigation systems for use on Navy ships.  I’m spending the week in Philadephia to meet all the players back on the east coast and … Continue reading “Bye Bye Westside!”

Chilao Flats – Silver Moccasin and More…

I first talked about this area in my San Gabriel Mountains Teaser Pics post back in the middle of December.   I finally got around to putting the rest of the pictures, maps and descriptions together into a trail review.    The San Gabs are a haul for a day ride for me, but the more I venture … Continue reading “Chilao Flats – Silver Moccasin and More…”