The MBB Mobile is Dead!

So this past Tuesday morning on my way to work some dumbass in a 1986 Chevy Astro Van decided the red-arrow was a suggestion and decided to make a left hand turn across three lanes of traffic that had the green light.   Mr Dumbass left me with with no options and I clocked hit at about 30 degrees from head on at about 50 mph.   My truck pivots along the front of the van and slides sideways out the intersection and into a large metal pole that holds up all the signals light and thens proceeds to come to a rest about 30 feet past the intersection in the bike lane.

There might be a few of the W

Hmmm the drive shaft looks a little out of place.

It might buff out 🙂

That rear wheel does not look to be pointing in the right directions.

The good news was that I had barely a scratch on me and got away with just a concussion.  It could have been a lot worse.    Damn that was good truck that I all tweaked out for road trips. I plan on getting another one pretty much just like it.   Doctor’s orders are no mountain biking for two weeks.     I might have enough to catch up on some things with the rest of the website.

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