Good Opening Day in Seattle

Today was the start of nine day trip that will include a few days in the Seattle area.   While the weather sucked in San Diego it was downright awesome in Seattle.  My orginal plan was to rent a bike today and potentially get in a ride tomorrow.   With sunny skies and low 60s for temps, I made some tweaks to my plans and made a dash straight to the place I rented a bike from last time I was here.   I was stoked to see that had a new fleet of rentals and I would get to be the first person to break in a nicely built 29er hardtail.    I had a few hours of daylight left so there would be no exploring today.    I was soon at the Green Mountain trailhead.  I have ridden here a few time so I would pretty cool to just enjoy a ride without any route figuring.


After scrambbling around through my luggage to get the bike stuff altogether I was headed off up the trail.


While there some loops and options you can do at Green Mountain I opted to basic out-and-back on the Wildcat Trail up to the top of Green Mountain.

Wildcat is a multi-use trail that also includes motorcycles.   While this tends to make the trail a little wider, it also means there are lots of bermed turns that are simply a blast on the return leg coming back down the mountain.   And a blast I did have.    It was a great day to nearly finish up the day.   After the ride,  I took my dirty funky self to the hotel where I got some odd looks from some other the folks in the lobby checking in.   I’m pretty sure I had a better day than they did.

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