2009 Opener – The Los Pinos Trail

What a great way to start off the new year with some dirt I have never been on.  It has been on the list for quite a few years but I had never gotten around to get getting on it. From what I have been told we hit the trail when it was in the best condition in years.   This trail is not for everyone, ummmm it would probably not be a stretch to say this trail is not for most riders.  It has a grunch of hike-a-biking and some steep and often hairy descents.  I’ll be getting a page up on the site before long on this one.  For now here are some pics.

Rodman with some earlier “Just a Warmup” Hike-A-Bike.

The views did not suck all day.

Some of the mild Downage.

Where is Waldo on this brutal Hike-A-Bike Section?

Here’s a hint.

Mark on one of the ridable climbs.  We were on the peak in the distance earlier.

More trail goodness.

Pretty much all the Hike-A-Bikage is done now.  The San Juan Trail works it way along the face of the Sugarloaf peak in the distance.

Some techie bit near the bottom.

All in All, I would have to say we brought in the Newt Year in right!