Rocky Start to the New Year

Steve, Mark and I decided had a rocky start to the New Year.   Mighty rocky!

Steve picking through the lines. There is a line right?

Iron Mountain has some really technical bits on it and it has been some time since I have been riding on that kinda stuff so it took a little bit to my rock monkey motion dialed back in.

I forgot to shave last night

Iron Mountain is a very popular place with hikers so typically you only want to ride out here on a weekday.    Coming out here on New Years Days was a bad decision on our part as far as the start and stop aspect of the ride is concerned.    The people looked like a string of ants going up the mountain.

Mark dancing down the rocks

The trail lends itself to sessioning the various sections and “moves” so that was how most of descent went.   Good times as we had an audience the whole time.   There must have been 300+ people on that trail while we were out there.   Nuts!

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