Sedona Day 3

Today started off a little earlier than the day before but not by much.  We had a couple of locals to show us around today and they showed us the goods that started right from our Condo.  We started off the on-the-map trails, but later in the ride we transitioned onto some “Locals Only” stuff that I was asked to keep off the air.   Since talking about the on-the-map stuff we did would give some hints about the “other” stuff I am going to refrain from talking about them as well.    

So you won’t see any explainations of the  pretty selective pictures posted here.   I ended up having to bailing out on the last little bit of trails on the return trip to get packed up and rolling towards home.   I managed to make good time and was back at home at around 10pm. Trail names or not, I have yet to find a trail in Sedona that I did not like.




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One thought on “Sedona Day 3”

  1. Yeah Sedona is great. I visited last summer with the family and was actually able to get away for a few hours in the 100+ heat to ride on some of the trails. I just rented a bike from some local shop, and when I asked him which trail I should take he said “Well if it looks like a trail, take it! They all go some place”

    I ended up just riding up some jeep trails (which are crazy that jeeps drive that stuff) and made my way over to something called like the 7 pools, where eventually I found some gigantic sinkhole. All the trails were just amazing, I couldn’t imagine living there and being able to concentrate on going to work. Some of the rock faces were pretty sketchy, but man tires stick to that rock out there like crazy.

    Side note, great to meet you in person yesterday, hope you had some good rides. I took my friend out on a demo tracer, he had a great time though I’m sure he’ll probably second guess me when I say its a kick back ride.

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