Greenery at SCST

I spent an afternoon this weekend showing Nichol around the San Clemente Singletracks (aka San Onfre State Park aka “The Weed Patch).  The trails are in great conditions and the winter greenery is in full effect.


It is really awesome that the state park legalized the majority of the user-built trail network out here but I always find the “Cultural” names they gave the trails funny.  (And nearly unpronounceable to boot).  The Pacific Ocean is off in the distance here along with the Oregon and Ho Chi-Min trails.


Climbing “Stitches” which I think the park calls “Yuma’ukawichum Pompe”.  No matter what you call it, it is a nice bit of trail.


Cruising “No-Tools”.  This trail got its name because no tools were used in its original construction.  Folks just rode the route enough that a trail bedded in.  Off in the distance in Santiago Peak and the San Ana Mountains that are home many a trail such as.  Trabuco and Holy Jim, the San Juan Trail and West Horse Thief  just name a few.


Nichol working a turn on “Holeshot”.  It is really hard to ride all of the trails in a single visit as you would have to double up on a few loops to reach all the trails .  I estimate you would do nearly 30 miles with a healthy dose of elevation change.


We only a did fraction of the trail system, but certainly earned post-ride beers and a stop by one of my favorite burger stops in the area, aptly named Burger Stop.    We are definitely going to get back here a few times over the winter just to enjoy all of the greenery on these excellent trails.

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