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Not a whole lot of blog posts going on lately.  I have been doing up pages and video for the site. 

Have you noticed the increased bombardment of ads on the forums on   They take up near 50% of the screen lately.  It never was too much of a bother for me before, but recently it just seems ridiculous.    Here is a tip that those of you using Internet Explorer without any third party ad-filtering software can do to cut down on the ads.

Navigate to Tools — Internet Options to bring up the Internet Options Dialog Box

Click on the Security Tab, then on the Restricted Icon.  This will enable the “Sites” Button.  Click on the Button

MTBr Viewing

This will be then bring up a dialog box that will allow you to enter a website address.  By default it will enter the address of the page you where currently on when started this effort.  You will want to clear out the information currently there and enter

in the dialog box and press enter.   


Then press “Close” and an OK or two to your browser.  Refresh your MTBR page and you should see a dramatic drop in ads on this site. 

The above address is the primary adserver that mtbr uses.  By blocking their adserver it will eliminate most of the ads on thier site.

 Happy MTBRing (or not).


2 thoughts on “MTBR viewing tips”

  1. oh yeah the ads have become overwhelming lately, maybe they could change the layout so it wasn’t so bad, I mean, they have to make money somehow right?

  2. I have not problem with the ads as they do need to make money to keep providing the service. The problem I have is when the ads are the predominant features of the page I start having issues with it. While the big ad that pops up in the first post of every thread is annoying, the big ad in the search bar on most pages is toooo much.

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