Chilao Flats – Silver Moccasin and More…

I first talked about this area in my San Gabriel Mountains Teaser Pics post back in the middle of December.   I finally got around to putting the rest of the pictures, maps and descriptions together into a trail review.    The San Gabs are a haul for a day ride for me, but the more I venture up to there, the less the drive seems.   I’m sure some physics/math geek could incorporate the variables of space, time, trail conditions and blah blah blah into a theory of relative enjoyment.  Either way I have been digging my excursions into the San Gabriel Mountains, and I think you will as well.   

Silver Moccasin Trail  


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2 thoughts on “Chilao Flats – Silver Moccasin and More…”

  1. Bill,

    Just want to say the new site is great and keep the blogs coming. I haven’t seen a lot of comments here but I for think the blogs are a great extention of some of your traditional trail reports.


  2. Thanks Travis,
    While this started as an experiment, I have decided to keep it around. It provides quite a bit of flexibility for me as well as helping get “the little stuff” out.


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