Arrrgh….Swabbies get yer CPO Jersey

Okay so quite a few of you know I spent a couple hundred moons or so kicking around in US Navy.   Wither you have already joined the ranks of the quitters like myself or you are still the country’s good work at the pointy end of the spear, here is a jersey you members of the Goat Locker might like.   Some active duty folks have put in a good chunk of work with primal to get this custom jersey put together.     

The front view

The back view. 

“NAVY”  is printed in nice and big letters on the yellow side panels.  This will allow all your Army buddies to know exactly what happened when you shred past them on those downhills.   (At least if there is a bar at the bottom the hill) 

If you dont know what size you wear in the Primal apparel line check out their handy dandy sizing chart.

You can order these jerseys directly from Primal from now until March 9th.  Orders placed by March 9th will be delivered the week of May 21st.   Like most custom orders, they need to get a minimum order together the make the deal go through without someone taking in in the shorts

Here is the link for the Men’s Jersey and here is the link for Women’s Jersey.

I already have mine on order.  Even if you are not interested pass this along for those that maybe. 

I had to get one as it matches one of my bikes quite nicely.

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