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AZ-UT Summer 2021 Pages

I had planned to add pages to my website about the my killer 24-Day MTB road trip last year. I ended up putting on the backburner as I got busy with putting together the video from that trip. I finally got around to finishing them up.

Here is the Table of Content Page for this Trip

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2 thoughts on “AZ-UT Summer 2021 Pages”

  1. Nice writeup of the Bell Ridge trail. Man – that’s a tough ride!

    My interest in Bell Ridge is that it was the crash site for famed aviator Frank Tallman. Supposedly he went it within 1 mile of the Holy Jim Trail entrance. I’ve always admired Frank Tallman and would like to find the crash site to pay my respects. By any chance do you know where the crash site is?

    Thank you

    David O’Donoghue

    1. I don’t, but I know some folks who wander around in that area a whole lot more than I do. I put out some feelers. I will let you know if something comes up.

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