Wednesday Stoke in Alpine

Wednesday Stoke ride was going off again this week with great weather out in Alpine.    Due to my own discombobulations at the trailhead, I started climbing about 10 minutes after Steve and Evan did.   I tried to tell myself to just do my normal climb but  I did not listen and decided to make a go of catching them by “rest rock”.     I was making pretty good time hustling up the mountain but unfortunately for me it was unsustainable and about 2/3rds of the way up I cracked and went into cardio meltdown.   I was bit of an energyless mess for the rest of the climb and the start of the descent.


Calm winds = excellent flying conditions


Evan on the 911 roll


Steve got himself a flat on the  descent which gave us some time to enough someof the great light of the “magic hour”


It was the day before Valentines Day so Steve was practicing his puckering up skills!


After the flat tire delay it was back to downhill funnage!

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