Views from Anderson

Last week I was able to get in a mid-week ride out at Anderson Truck Trail.   I arrived quite a bit earlier than Steve today so I decided to do the climb solo and check out a few things on my way up.


Spring is just downright awesome and it was quite green out.   Being solo there was no pressure to keep moving so I stopped here and there to take pictures and snoop around.

The first stop was just after the brook/creek crossing.   This is normally dry during the summer but there has been plenty of water moving through it as of late.   I could here the sound of water going over rocks uphil of the crossing so I did some scrambling to find a nice looking micro-waterfall.

Plenty of flowers in bloom to see along the climb up.

The greenage on the hillsides around El Captain Reservor was really pretty.

I meet up with Steve and Evan up near the top.     With this being the first week of coming off of daylight saving time, it seemed like lots of folks were taking advantage of the longer daylight and coming out for a ride.  We saw lots of folks out on the trail.

There was a handful of  “Young Bucks” that were just killing it out on the trail and making it look easy.

It was not enough for them to make it look easy they we were working on maximizing there style points.   Most of the guys grew up riding and jumping BMX so they were completely comfortable in the air.   Makes me wish I had done that when I was a kid.   I think it is just best to learn those skills we when you are young enough to have no sense of how hurt you can get and heal quicker.    The final three miles of smiles was awesome and a beer at Alpine Beer Company afterwords while doing the post-ride debrief was a nice end to a longer day.