Freedom Park

I got a chance to ride Freedom Park near Williamsburg Virginia a couple of days ago and took it.  This a county park that encompasses about 700 acres of mostly hardwood forest set on rolling terrain.   There is about 10 miles of of pretty nice single track. Compared to the other places near hear this trail network has some elevation change.   Nothing like what we deal with in Southern California, but my do they use the terrain to its fullest here.  Flowing and swooping is the theme throughout most of this trail network.  

Flowly Singletrack

I can’t tell you how many flowing turns like this one I went through

Sometimes the humidity is not a bad thing 😉

It is hard to describe but because the wonderful contouring layout of this trail system, you just don’t seem to “remember” the short climbing portions of the trails.   These leads to to a feeling like you have been gradually going downhill for more than half the ride and somehow managed to end up at the same spot.   Pretty Cool.

I did all of the trails in one direction and went back and did about half of them going the other direction.  I would have loved to ridden more but I ran out of daylight.  

There are some optional line that provide some technical features and small stunts


This is a pretty short teeter-totter, you have to pretty much have to get all of to the end of the teeter, before it will tip.   Ride up, wait, wait, wait, ride off.


The Eastern Virginia Mountainbike Association are the prime stewards of these trails.  I happened meet the President, Vice-President, as well as a couple of highly involved members of the association and for our conversations, these folks are doing really good stuff in the area.    Freedom Park is a good example of thier work and the county and park are already on-board with thier plan to bring the Freedom Park trail systems up to 25 miles of singletrack.     I had a good time here with 10 miles of trail, boy what a place this will be when there is 25 miles!