Give the Trails some time!

Okay, it is that time again lots of rain and we all want to go for a ride.   

Take a look at Wet Trail Rating Page here.  

Want to get in the conversation?  Check out this thread that comes up every year about this time.

BOTTOM LINE – Give the trails some time to dry out, going out to soon will screw our trails up.

Sycamore Canyon

Last Sunday I got in a ride out at Sycamore Canyon out in Santee.   The IMBA Trail Care Crewwas out in San Diego the week leading up to Sunday doing good stuff.   Steve and Morgan are one of two teams of trail experts that travel year-round throughout NorthAmerica and beyond, leading trail work sessions, meeting with land managers and working with IMBA-affiliated clubs and the communities they serve to improve mountain biking opportunities.   This was there last even for the year and I think they said it was their 34th event.  They certainly get around.    Today was just a bit of MTB fun before they hit the road to head back home to Colorado for Christmas.  So some of the usual SDMBA suspects met at Crib-Del-Gardner’s before heading out. 

Minette on the first climb

 Morgan heading down into Sycamore Canyon

Steve on Martha’s Grove

Gardner on Martha’s Grove

Andy zipping some singletrack.

It was really fun ride and the weather was absolutely awesome.    We are so spoiled here in SoCal and I was fully reminded of that fact the following day when I flew to Philadelphia for a week of work in real winter weather.  It was 20 something  with a 10 mph when I stepped off the plane.      Yeah SoCal!

If you would like to learn more about the IMBA Trail Care Crews take a look at their website.  Don’t forget the links on the right-hand side of the page.   Also don’t forget to show some love for the local advocacy folks as well, The San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA).

Alpine Action Again

Man did I have good bit of mid-week stoke in Alpine on Wednesday.   With temps in the mid-70s and sunny skys in December, a MTBer’s life in San Diego does not have to suck at all.  The pleasant temp made for a really low sufferage climb that was one of the best I have had in quite some time.

I forgot to take pictures, but views were fantastic from the top.  Point Loma and Coronado Islands were all easily seen.   After chilling at the top it was time to play.  I have not been riding rocky technical bits of this size and style for a while so I was keeping the bike on the ground for the most part.  I was feeling pretty good on the whole “Mojo” front as well as having some “Monkey Motion” going with the various rock moves.

Steve on “The Fatty”

Steve playing on a spine in an area we call “Little Moab”. 


Brian did not have the luxury of an early start like Steve and I had so he caught up to us later in the ride.  After some more sessioning in the rocks it was time to start thinking about the how much time was left in the day.   After catching a couple pictures with the evening light, we released the hounds and had a good run to the bottom.   Afterwards it was time for some tasty refreshments at the Alpine Beer Company.   Good times.