Alpine Roll Action

Boy the last week has been quite hectic between work, a new season of my boy’s hockey getting ramped up and of course getting some riding in.  For those who are regular viewers you will notice I am backdating this post to the day of the ride.  

 I recently got my “play bike” back from having the chain stay portion of the rear triangle replaced after cracking it.   (It must have been a manufacturing thing since I don’t think I have been anywhere near pushing the designed limits of that bike)   This was also my first time back on some aggressive technical terrain since my kid-induced injury on the hockey rink a month earlier so my plan was to take it a little easy and mostly keep the wheels on the ground.  

Big Rock

The day was absolutely great with green grass, blue sky and puffy clouds.   The recent rains made for excellent traction that was punishing on the climb.  On the climb up we noticed a new slide had occurred above the trail that had rained about four large rocks down on the trail.  All but one of them bounced on the trail and kept going down the hillside.  The one that came to rest on the trail was the largest and it is going to have to become a trail feature as it will take some SERIOUS effort to move. 

911 Rool

On the return trip down I got a chance to check out the latest edition to the place.   Dubbed the “911 Roll”  This thing is significant and requires some serious mental fortitude to pull off.   The crux move of this roll is the turn onto the roll that is five feet of near vertical (Pictures do no justice here).   You can not hit the roll straight on as you are still turning after coming up onto the rock.  You have to commit to continue turning for about the first two vertical feet of the roll.  Screw up and most likely are you going to be pitched off the downhill side of the rock where you you will get the most vertical fallage. (Your left if you are trying to do the roll)   

Turn -Drop - Keep Turning 

Basically screw this up and 911 may just be what you will be calling.   The rest of the descent was freaking awesome as the moisture in the dirt that consprised to thrash my legs and lungs on the climb rewarded our efforts with Velcro like traction on the descent.    It was nothing short of Rip-O-Rama Goodness!