Mountain Bike Bill, Get the Dirt on the Dirt

Skyline Wilderness Park

Foreword: In June of 2002, my work took me to the San Francisco Bay Area.   As you must have already figured out, I did some mountain biking.  I had a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get in some riding.  Downtown San Francisco was my "base camp" and I put on quite a few miles on the rent-a-wreck I had.   Friday I rode Oat Hill Road; Saturday I rode Skyline Wilderness Park; and Sunday I rode Wilder Ranch.

June 22nd, 2002 I went to Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa CA.

Skyline's website has all of the trails mapped real well so no need to reinvent anything here.  Just take a look in their trail system section
I have seen their website up and down in the past so I have copy of their printable map here. (Adobe Acrobat Required) 

Skyline Wilderness Park is quite fun for being rather small in size.  I think there is about 8-10 miles of trails total in the whole park so most of the time you will want to do a couple of laps to get in a workout.  When you look at the map, I took the main road to the Buckeye trail up to Skyline and then took Skyline all the way to the Chaparral Trail.  I then went up Chaparral to the Marie Creek Trail.  I then took the Marie Creek trail to the Manzanita trail.  The trail then took me back to the parking lot.

Skyline-22JUN02-02.jpg (82573 bytes)    Skyline-22JUN02-03.jpg (104960 bytes)    Skyline-22JUN02-04.jpg (99231 bytes)    Skyline-22JUN02-01.jpg (120344 bytes)
A few pictures from the Buckeye trail


Skyline-22JUN02-10.jpg (86794 bytes)The Chaparral trailSkyline-22JUN02-09.jpg (68392 bytes)

Skyline-22JUN02-11.jpg (126775 bytes)A section of the Marie Creek trail that I dabbed three times trying to get through.

Skyline-22JUN02-12.jpg (158875 bytes)An interesting section on the Manzanita trailSkyline-22JUN02-13.jpg (140307 bytes)

Skyline-22JUN02-08.jpg (165402 bytes)Nice section of Skyline trail

Skyline-Pan.jpg (162419 bytes)

Panoramic View south from the Skyline Trail