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Links to Other Stuff

     There are a metric butt ton of MTB links out on the net, but these are the ones that I personally use.  If you have a link that you think I will find useful please email it to me.   If I start using it then I will add it here.

Trail Review/Forum Sites

Ron Bigelow Photography. While Ron may have shifted the focus of his site to photography, he has a bunch of trails maps and directions. Most of the trails are of the Orange County and LA areas. He also has a large collections of photography related articles that will help just about any photographer get better.
Dirt Treaders DirtTreaders. This forum site is very active that is a good resource to hook up with other riders and getting to know the area. They main following is based around San Diego but they have peeps all over Southern California. They also have a fairly active advocacy forum. - This is a very active forums site that is also really good resource if you are looking to find people to ride with. They are predominately focused on Orange County, but the there is a following all over SoCal - This side has a bunch of trail reviews as well as reviews on all things MTB related. Take the reviews with a grain of salt as the site sees a tremedous amount of traffic and anyone can post a review. One person's "great" is anothers "crap" so it can be hard to seperate the junk from the gems.
Mybikesite.  While this site is not as active as it used to be it is still full of good information about trails from all over.  Most of my experience with the site has been gathering information about the Southern California scene.  But they have trails from all over listed. They also have a huge links page.
GeoLadders - Offer lots of routes "games" that can be played using your GPS.  Routes are worth points and when you upload that route to the site from your GPS you get the points. You can download GPS data files for the trails on the site. While there is lots of good data on the site there are some pretty crappy routes that maybe high on their ladder "points" but low on the fun and interesting scales. I would use this site in conjunction with other sites to get the full picture on a route.
Gary Fox's San Diego MTB Rides.  This site has some good maps of many San Diego area rides as well as a ride schedule calendar. 
The Ogre Hut. Dennis aka "Ogre", has a great site has plenty of excellent information for Mountain Biking in Northern California.
SDHorseTrails. Equestrains often have special needs for trails like staging areas and large parking lots. This is typically not the kind of stuff I have been paying attention to when I review a trail so you will find this kind of information typically lacking in my reviews. This website focuses on the review of trails as it pertains the equestrain experience. So Saddle Up!

Mountain Biking Video Websites

Pete Fagerlin - The is by far the grand master of helmet cam videos. He makes some really cool mountain biking videos.  I highly doubt that anyone who is making good videos has not seriously dug through his how-to section.
Some Where In SoCal - Don't try looking for trailhead directions on this site. There are some talented free-ride/downhill guys and gals whooping up on trails at various spots. Some of the trails are "Fight Club" trails so enjoy the videos but don't ask how to get to them.
Shane Schieffer - This guy also has some cool videos.  I really like his composition style.  Make sure you check out his homemade helmet mounting case and counterweight system.  A man after my own wallet in that department.   
Kid in the Corner.  Nice videos made from some guys out in Montana.
Steve Wolf's Mountain Biking Site - A really good site with lots of trail reviews and videos from around the Northern and Central California area.  If you get tired of all the biking information you can check out some pictures of the inside of his knees :-)
Utah Mountain Biking There are all sorts of information on this website as well as videos.
MTBBritain Check our the guys in Britain running amuck on the trails
MTBKanata   Some our Canadian neighbors out on the trails. 
PORC  - Pensacola Off Road Cyclist - In addition to their videos, that have some good links to MTB resources in the Southeast USA.
Winston's Video Socal Videos  - Winston is a great guy who produces really good videos. He does not have his own site, yet but he does have a long standing thread on the fooriders site showcasing his vids.

Tour Companies

Katun Tours Katun Mountainbike Adventures is a Mexico based tour company that offers tours in the Copper Canyon and Baja areas. For two-week ventures to day trips they will certainly show you a good time. When I did my tour through Copper Canyon, Katun was partnered with the american tour company we went with and took care of all the local arrangements and basically ran the show.
GeoJourneys. Known as KamiKiwi Adventures when I first went with them on the Copper Canyon tour. They offer great service and go to some really awesome places. They were an absolute blast to be with on the trip. High up on my to-do list with these guys are Peru and New Zealand.
Magpie Adventures Magpie Cycling Adventures has an outstanding reputation of providing top-notch service to some awesome places in the southwest. They are based out of Moab and go way out and about from there. They were camped near us on the North Rim of Grand Canyon during my 2010 Arizona roadtrip and I was pretty impressed with their operation. The owners, Mike and Maggie, gave me some really good advice on bits of the Arizona Trail which really added to the coolness of our trip.

Other Stuff

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