The Islands Project

Welcome to the Islands Project. The rapid development in San Diego County has dwindled much of our open space in what was previously rural areas. While there has been lots of open space preserves established.  They have for the most part become isolated islands of open space with fragmented trail  systems.  Individually each open space offers … Continue reading “The Islands Project”

A great finish to a 3-day weekend – Daley Ranch

So my boys were pretty pumped up about the riding at La Costa on Saturday and they were itching to ride again.  I had plans to take them to Lake Hodges or Penasquitos Canyon since that would be fairly kid friendly.   When I woke up this morning to see that it had rained the night … Continue reading “A great finish to a 3-day weekend – Daley Ranch”

Tis the Season for Rain

Okay I’m getting a bit stir crazy with having to take some time off the bike as well as all the rain.   Folks please give our wet trails some recovery time after these rains.    Here are excerpts from a couple years of this topic being float around on some the various forums sites.    Most folks … Continue reading “Tis the Season for Rain”