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North Shore Vancouver, BC

In June of 2003 I managed to get a couple of days of riding on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC. The first day was on Grouse Mountain and the second was on Seymour Mountain.   The North Shore was more insane that I had expected. Some of the trails we did at Grouse Mountain where Seven Secrets, Krikem Krankem, Leopard, and Kirkwood.  On the second day at Seymour we rode The Incline, Pangor, Slash, and Bridle Trails.  These trails would be quite technical on a freeride bike, and where down right challenging on my cross country rig.   The riding here was quite fun and exceptionally challenging with much different terrain and technical obstacles than we typically see here in Southern California.   I highly recommend you bring along some plastic courage (protective gear) with you.  You will be more likely to try the new stuff.  Don't worry about sticking out, everyone I saw on the trail decked out in the stuff.

To get a map of Seymour and Grouse Mountain (aka Mount Fromme) you can go to the North Shore Mountain Biking Association's website. You can also pickup of maps from many of the local bike shops.   Most of these shops carry maps created by the folks at Cove Productions.  If you want to pickup one of these before you get into the area you can by them online at Cove's website.   The cove maps use a rating system similar to that of skill slopes.  Most of the trails I rode where single black diamonds.



Grouse-7secrets-top.jpg (100113 bytes)    Grouse-Roadside-2.jpg (61510 bytes)

Grouse-AirSupply-2.jpg (65272 bytes)Grouse-AirSupply-1.jpg (60937 bytes)  The insanity of the Air Supply trail.  Rated as a Triple Red Diamond.  As in mere mortals need not apply  




        Most of these picture below are of the Seven Secrets Trail

Grouse-7secrets-2.jpg (68449 bytes)    Grouse-7secrets-3.jpg (66441 bytes)    Grouse-Roadside.jpg (66188 bytes)

Grouse-7secrets-1.jpg (66134 bytes)    Grouse-7secrets-5.jpg (58043 bytes)    Grouse-7secrets-4.jpg (57177 bytes)

I only took a couple of pictures the following day at Seymour

Seymour-Incline-1.jpg (95336 bytes)    Seymour-Incline-2.jpg (106766 bytes)



leftThis video has footage of both the Grouse and Seymour trails. 31MB. 

For more narrative video (Rated PG-13 for me being a Potty Mouth) check this 7.4 MB video titled "13 Things You Might Say on the North Shore"