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Coming to San Diego?

So your coming to San Diego and want to get in some riding.  Well we have some good riding to offer you down here.  I have seen enough of the when and where type questions that I thought it would be helpful to provide a little information here.

Where to Stay

Does this look like to you? Smartassery aside, the trails are spread out all over so you are going to have to do a bit of driving no matter where you stay.

Where to Eat

Okay, I have done some traveling over the years and have noticed a little something about cuisine.  If you want authentic Japanese food, go to Japan.  If you want real Korean food, go to Korea.  If you are looking for authentic Thai food, got to Thailand.  Now if you fancy authentic Mexican food, then San Diego is the place for you.  Outside of that you will find good stuff here no matter what you like. Just about any Mexican joint that can get high marks on Yelp in this neighborhood is going to be okay. Additionally if there is some place that fits right in for a good post-ride grub place, I will typically mention it in my right for the indvidual ride.

Where to Ride

Ok there are million variables to work with here, so here is just a few recommendations.

Looking to Stay Local Willing to drive a bit North County
Tri-Canyons Nobel Canyon and the Lagunas Daley Ranch
Los Pen Canyon/Del Mar Mesa Lake Morena Lake Hodges
Anderson Truck Trail

Now Noble Canyon is sort of a must do if you are coming to San Diego and enjoy technical riding.  Now I know this page is about San Diego County, but I would be remiss if I did not suggest that you take a drive north into Orange County and ride the San Juan trail.  If you can only ride two trails while here I would make it Noble and San Juan which I consider two of Lower Southern California's "postcard" trails.  FYI, You will often see Lower Southern California loosely referred to as LoSoCal on many of the Mountain Biking forums.  LoSoCal is roughly everything south of the LA area.  Orange, San Diego, and Riverside Counties.

Where to get a Bike

Bringing your own bike is always great but it is not always possible. The awesome folks over at the San Diego Mountain Biking Association have been keeping a more up to date list that I have been so I just check out thier list of Bike Rental places.

Looking for someone to ride with?

Hooking up with a local is always a good idea.  Many of the local bike shops offer regular shop rides and San Diego has quite a few bicycle clubs.  Check out SDMBA, Dirttreaders and MTBR's SoCal Forum.