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About Me and Work

NavyBioPictureETCM-Web.jpg (112478 bytes) Most people would say that work really interferes with their leisure life of mountain biking. While it certainly does with me to some extent, my career in U.S. Navy has taken me to some really cool places and I have gotten in some great riding in some of them. Nearly all of my international travels have been on the Navy's dime. In May of 2008 I retired from active duty after 22 years. While I started out as an electronics technician and a computer/network geek I spent the later part of my career as a manager.

If you have looked at the site much before you will have noticed that I was quite vague about what I did for a living. The Navy likes to keep their ship's schedules hush hush until shortly before they arrive at a port, so not publicizing my job on this site and various MTB forums kept me out of trouble with the Navy (OPSEC for you military types) while letting me plan trips ahead of time online. The Navy took me to 17 countries and I have done some two wheeled traveling in a fair portion of them. I wish I would have gotten out on the bike in more of them, and taken more pictures too.

My time in the Navy was a great, but ultimately I have had my fill of long deployments and the stress it puts on the family. With my oldest son approaching his teenage years it is far more important to me to be around to guide him through those years than to keep living a Sailor's life.

I am now on my second career as a Department of the Navy civlian supporting integrated navigation and charting technologies for the U.S. Navy. Maps, GPS, Navigation - This is all stuff I was heavily involved with during my active duty career and I enjoy the stuff so it is a pretty natural fit. I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up. I starting to thinking that if you come up with an answer to that question, you have gotten that question wrong. As long as I can keep making a living without having to grow up, maybe I never will. Either way I expect to riding a mountain bike!

Here are just a small fraction of some memorable moments from "work" in the Navy . (The descent ones anyway ;-> )

Duluth-UNREP-21MAR00-AFT.jpg (85539 bytes)
Not slowing down for fuel
NavyUnrepBigMoKiskaHelo.jpg (76344 bytes)

NavyUnrepHighLine.jpg (73293 bytes)
Or food

NavyHammondHighSeas.jpg (60279 bytes)
Heavy seas off the Aleutian Islands
near the tip of Alaska
(I'm 50' above the water)

FF1067-ASROCLaunch.jpg (79674 bytes)
Rocket Assisted Torpedo Launch


TrvlSingGuysRoadtrip-3.jpg (138501 bytes)
Road Biking in Singapore

TrvlSingGuysJakeDanDeanBillPub.jpg (132486 bytes)
A beer break in Singapore

BangRoadside.jpg (138095 bytes)
Chittagong, Bangladesh

FF1067StraitsofHormuzIran.jpg (100755 bytes)
Looking at the coast of Iran day after day after day during Operation Desert Storm


AUTrip-SyndeyBridgeClimb-Bill-5MAY01.jpg (424340 bytes)
Ten days "Down Under"

TrvlThialandPattayaOnBeach3MAY91.jpg (86318 bytes)
The beaches of Thailand
TrvlThialandRififiClubBillGlen.jpg (78118 bytes)
The things you see in Bangkok at night

Dateline28MAY91Sunset-1.jpg (75919 bytes)
Sunset on the International Date Line

lcac0697.jpg (71217 bytes) "Flying" across the Red Sea in a hovercraft!

HeloFlight-23MAR00-McCaine-Porter.jpg (83465 bytes)
Helo Flights between ships!

SaudiCoffee.jpg (200074 bytes)
The extremely strong coffee of Saudi Arabia

TrvlHongKongHarbor8-13May91.jpg (65904 bytes)
A visit to Hong Kong

MtFuji-Summer2004-FromMuira.jpg (312829 bytes)
Living in Japan for the better part of a year and
climbing Mt Fuji four times.
Mountain Biking Fuji

Mt-FujiSunset-15OCT04-4TW.jpg (229363 bytes)
A Mt. Fuji sunset from sea on the day we steam towards home after being gone for eight months
TrvlMaylasiaKLumpor-2.jpg (85540 bytes)
The train ride from Kelang to Kuala Lumpor, for a very interesting stay in Malaysia
TrvlPetraBillRidingCamel.jpg (161297 bytes)
Riding a camel in the ancient city of Petra in Jordon

NavyBB-63HorizonJun89-1.jpg (22089 bytes)
USS Missouri on the horizon

WWISurrenderOnMO.jpg (112999 bytes)

Watching the historic USS Missouri, affectionately known as
"Big Mo"
fire 2,700lb bullets 26 miles

NavyBB-63Firing-2.jpg (49786 bytes)

TrvlAbuDiabiFountainNight.jpg (68500 bytes)
The downtown fountain in Abu Dhabi, UAE
TrvlPetraAlKhaznehFarun-1.jpg (110622 bytes)
Another shot of Petra, Jordon

NavyFF1067.jpg (58958 bytes)
My 1st ship, USS Francis Hammond (FF-1067)

Rushmorewithflag.jpg (104117 bytes)
My 2nd Ship, USS Rushmore (LSD-47)

CORONADO-Web.jpg (278898 bytes)
My 3rd Ship, USS Coronado (AGF-11)
BNCLBBike.jpg (111093 bytes)
A girl in every port (before I met my wife!)

Some of the places the Navy has taken me to:


Saudi Arabia

Hawaii and Alaska


South Korea

Jordon Bangladesh Malaysia




United Arab Emirates


Djibouti, Africa

Thailand Hong Kong Kuwait


If you are interested in learning more about the Navy check this site out.